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I hereby certify that all information given by me in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false or misleading statements made by me or consequential omissions of any kind in the application process will be sufficient cause for my not being accepted as a coach, or for my dismissal no matter when discovered. I authorize Rochester Aces to investigate all information contained in this application. The employers, organizations and individuals named are authorized to give Rochester Aces any and all information regarding my employment, volunteering, character, fitness and qualifications (including opinions) that they may have about me. In consideration of the evaluation of this application by Rochester Aces, I hereby waive, release and discharge Rochester Aces, USA Hockey, all employers, organizations, and individuals, and any other persons or entities from liability for all damages and losses of whatever kind or nature, except liability for willful or intentional acts or punitive damages, that may result from compliance or attempts to comply with this. I acknowledge that I am subject to a criminal background check to be done by the New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA) with which Rochester Aces is affiliated. I further acknowledge that I must meet the minimum coaching requirements as set forth by USA Hockey (and NYSAHA and Rochester Aces, as applicable) to be considered for any coaching position with Rochester Aces.